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Hideyuki Kanemoto

Dr. Kanemoto graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Azabu University. Afterward, they completed their master's degree in veterinary medicine at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo. Following this, they worked as a research fellow at the Companion Animal Clinical Veterinary Medicine Laboratory at Utrecht University. They then served as a specially appointed assistant professor at the University of Tokyo's Animal Medical Center. Subsequently, Dr. Kanemoto served as the chief internal medicine physician at a secondary care facility in Kanagawa Prefecture, obtaining specialization as an Asian veterinary internist. Since December 2022, Dr. Kanemoto has been working as the director of the Internal Medicine and General Practice Department at the Life Mate Animal Emergency Center Group, ER Hachioji Animal Advanced Medical Emergency Center. During their university years, their research focused on liver and gallbladder diseases.

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