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CPR Battle

In the CPR Battle, teams of four are formed and asked to demonstrate CPR on a mannequin based on a case scenario. The team that performs the best resuscitation will win the tournament and be crowned the winner. (You can participate as a single, but if you have less than three members, we will organize a team for you.) We look forward to your participation!

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What is CPR Battle?

CPR teams composed of veterinarians and technicians compete against each other to recreate a real cardiopulmonary arrest and CPR using state-of-the-art simulators; while following the RECOVER CPR algorithm, team communication and teamwork are also evaluated. After the competition, there will be a debriefing where participants can learn from other teams' accomplishments. This event is a great way to improve your CPR skills and gain a variety of information from other professionals. Everyone is welcome to attend! Of course, you are also welcome to come to the venue to watch and learn!

What is "RECOVER"?

The introduction of evidence-based guidelines and standardized training has improved survival rates in human medicine. However, veterinary medicine still lacks standardized guidelines and training, affecting outcomes for canine and feline cardiopulmonary arrest patients. The Veterinary Resuscitation Reassessment Movement (RECOVER), supported by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialists (VECCS) and the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialists (ACVECC), is addressing this issue by developing evidence-based consensus CPR guidelines for dogs and cats.RECOVER CPR is the only veterinary CPR certification program officially accredited by VECCS and ACVECC and is a non-profit organization.

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How to obtain RECOVER certification?

Apart from this competition, JaVECCS offers RECOVER certification. First, participants will take the "RECOVER WEB Course" and then the "RECOVER Practical Course". After successfully completing both courses, a certificate will be sent to those who have successfully completed both courses. For details, please visit the RECOVER website.

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