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Initial management of emergency patients

Mr. Kenichiro Yagi

How to improve work environment of veterinary technicians in your hospital

Dr. Nuruki / Dr. Nakamura / Dr. Morita

Management of hospitalized patients

Dr. Yasuhiro Kaneda

Feline emergency medicine

Dr. Hideki Kaji

Canine emergency medicine

Dr. Shun Nakamura

Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Atsushi Toshima

Management of ER team

Dr. Atsushi Nakamura

Medical Emergency - Internist's view

Dr. Hideyuki Kanemoto

Feline cardiac failure diagnostics and treatment

Dr. Kensuke Nakamura

What should we take care during emergency surgery?

Dr. Shido Torisu

How to properly use electrocautery devices

Dr. Atsushi Fujita

What to do when diazepam doesn't work for patients with seizures?

Dr. Daisuke Hasegawa

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