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Lectures in Japanese

Initial management of emergency patients

Mr. Kenichiro Yagi

Canine emergency medicine

Dr. Shun Nakamura

How to improve work environment of veterinary technicians in your hospital

Dr. Nuruki / Dr. Nakamura / Dr. Morita

Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Dr. Atsushi Toshima

Management of hospitalized patients

Dr. Yasuhiro Kaneda

Management of ER team

Dr. Atsushi Nakamura

Feline emergency medicine

Dr. Hideki Kaji

Medical Emergency - Internist's view

Dr. Hideyuki Kanemoto

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Lectures in English

What's New in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sepsis

Dr. Steven E Epstein

RECOVER2.0 - What’s new?

Mr. Kenichiro Yagi

Beyond FAST - Frontiers of point-of-care ultrasound exam

Dr. Kris Gommeren

Diagnosis and Treatment of coagulopathy

Dr. Yu Ueda

GI management in critically ill patients

Dr. Ellan Hung

How do I treat septic patients in my hospital?

Dr. Steven E Epstein

How to use POCUS for dyspnea and shock cases

Dr. Gommeren / Dr. Kawase / Dr. Nuruki / Dr. Ueda

What can and can't I do with my probe - POCUS

Dr. Kris Gommeren

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